The Slump

Why hello there,

 Earlier last year I started a blog, and for a while it was going okay…well I was posting. But I was a little shy about the whole thing so no one actually read it. The things happened, and I stopped posting for personal reasons. But now I am back with a brand new blog generally about health and happiness and fitness. 

So I thought I would start by talking about when personal situations and events get in the way of all that.

The slump.

Everyone has one once in a while. Sometimes things happen in our lives that are out of our control, and these types of events can knock the wind right out of you. The slump. You loose all motivation. Your awareness of your health physical, mental and emotional just go out of the window. Such an event happened to me last year. I stopped working out, I stopped eating and then once I started I wasn’t bothered about what I ate. I wasn’t bothered about trying very hard at anything. I just didn’t want to. Slump.

But that is okay.

Its okay when something happens to you to let yourself go through what you need to go through. It will take time, and it’s probably gonna suck, but there is hope.

Sometimes it takes little steps forward to get you started, sometimes it takes a massive change. In terms of exercise, fitness may be one of the last things to fall back into place, but you should try and get back into it as soon as you can, because it will honestly help. You can do it! It’s that classic saying:

“food is the most abused anxiety drug; exercise is the most under utilized anti-depressant”

Its true. I had not exercised much for a few months, hence why the blogging stopped, and I really wanted to get back into the swing of things but just could not get motivated to do so. So then I booked myself into a full hour long spin class (I am not the best at spin and have very little experience in it) and said to myself “right I have to go now, so just do it”


After the initial ‘oh my god I’m gonna die’ feeling passed it started to feel really good. Those endorphins really do work magic. And afterwards I came home and made myself a healthy dinner and then I sat with a cup of tea in my comfy pjs.

Life can be good again.

Just remember it may not feel like it at the bottom of the slump, but you will be happy again xx


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