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Okay so you’ve made the decision. “I am going to become fit and healthy” But where do you go now? Well it can be scary when you realise you might not know what you’re doing and this is the first point where a lot of people go back to the sofa and reach for the crisps…DON’T. You’ve made it this far don’t go back now…. let’s talk through some of your options.

Join a Gym

This is one option…. But only one of them, a lot of people think this is the only thing you can do. It’s really not. I personally love going to the gym, there are lots of things to try out and people who work at the gym who should be more than happy to show you how to use them. Plus, there is more in a gym than I could ever buy to use at home (no matter how hard I try). Many people find the idea of a gym the most intimidating nightmare they could imagine. Perhaps you picture yourself walking through the door to a room filled with the cast of Baywatch who will all turn round and look at you as if you don’t belong and laugh when you awkwardly stumble over to a weight machine. This could not be further from the truth…you’re gonna have to trust me on this one. The majority of people in gyms are not the most experienced and want to focus on what they are doing. Those who know exactly what they are doing are too focused on their form (or the reflection of their pump in the mirror). In most gyms they ask you to go through an induction before using any of the equipment, where some nice trainer or instructor will take you through and show you how to use anything. And if you forget or you come across something they didn’t show you…just ask, they will genuinely be happy to help. If they are not, find someone else because they are rubbish, who needs their help anyway!

Find a Class

If you think you might need someone telling you what to do the whole time, not a problem. Go online and look up local fitness classes…there are hundreds! Everywhere! You can find classes that do anything from kickboxing, to Ballet Barre workouts, Zumba to Pilates. Most classes will also have a lower price for a trial class so you don’t have to commit to anything before you know you like it. This means you could spend a month at least going to a different class everyday just to choose which ones you liked best if you wanted to! There are also plenty of bootcamps around, these are group classes often held outside in your local park When it comes to class instructors they should all be: A) lovely- they should want you to come to their class, they should want to help you in whichever way they can because that should be why they chose this as their profession! B) They should make sure they know if anyone has an injury and tell that person how they can work around it. C) Be all inclusive, you don’t want someone who is only looking after their regulars or certain people in the group. D) Focused on the group, you don’t want an instructor who spends the whole time looking at their self in the mirror. If you come across any of these things, not to worry! There are plenty more classes to try! Classes are brilliant for finding a supportive group of people, you may even make some friends that you can go through this journey to fitness with!.

Workout at Home

This is the tricky one. It is hardest to motivate yourself off the sofa when you know the workout is a mere three steps away from it. It is also hard to complete a workout when it’s so easy to end it when you can’t be bothered anymore. But it is hardest to push yourself as hard as you can when there is no one that could possibly see you give up. But saying that it can also be the best thing for you! If you can do a good, solid workout at home where you really push your limits, then you are well on the way to reaching your goals…that is some serious will power! However, where do you start? What exercises do you do? How many of each one and so on and so on. Well there are many ways to get yourself moving. For a start there are so many DVDs with workouts, some admittedly better than others. So whether you are a fan of Davina McCall or Charlotte from ‘Geordie Shore’ or you want someone who’s going to yell at you through some intense physical activity (like the famous Insanity from Shaun T.) there will be something out there for you.

If you don’t fancy paying for a DVD, there are thousands upon thousands of workout videos on Youtube. All for FREE. Covering several disciplines just like the classes all you have to do is type workout into google and the results go on for days. You may find a particular person or company you like (I’d personally take a look at Fitness Blender or Yoga with Adrienne) or again try something new every day until you do.

And if you live your life through your phone there are plenty of apps you can try. There are apps for seven minute workouts, tabata workouts or some that make it sound like you are running away from zombies (Just be careful you don’t go running into the road!) Remember to read the reviews or apps before you try them- especially if they cost money!


So there you go, several ways to get yourself started on your way to being healthy. All you have to do now is start trying things out, see what works for you! If you have any questions about anything in this post, or any other post for that matter, please do just get in touch via the contact page. It is all about getting yourself moving! xx

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