Winding Down

Life is stressful.

The last thing you need when you have had a stupidly busy, stressful day is to get into bed and be kept awake by all the thoughts about your busy, stressful day!

I have to wind down at the end of the day or it takes so much longer to get to sleep at night, if I actually manage to at all!

So here are a few ways I have found can help calm things down,


I am massively guilty of getting into bed and then letting a little thought about work make me get the laptop out again! Then once I’m on a roll it’s almost impossible to stop! Even when I decide it is absolutely time to sleep and put the laptop aside my brain is still going at full speed.

If you have a thought about work pop into your head and you are worried you will forget, jot it down on a notepad, just a little memo to yourself, then place to the side and relax!


Also know as ‘comfys’, ‘snugglys’, ‘pjs and ‘loungewear’. Once you have finished for the day and have no one left to impress or cater to then run upstairs and put on your comfy clothes. Being comfortable is so important when trying to wind down. Also getting out of your work clothes is another way of putting the work away.


Watch TV, or a film, or read a book, or bake a cake. I don’t know what you find entertaining but give yourself time to enjoy the things you enjoy in the evening. You deserve some time for yourself.


The obvious and yet oh so beautiful bath. If you have a nice bath and a tidy bathroom this could be the perfect way of winding down. Shut the door, set the scene and let yourself soak into relaxation.


My personal favourite, I light a couple of scented candles every evening and snuggle up in bed and just lay back and relax. *Controversial statement* I, personally, am not massively keen on Yankee candles- I find them a little to strong for me. I find the best candles are the more calming, gentle scents like jasmine and vanilla. Most of my candles come from Next and Waitrose!


Some people find 5-15 minutes of peaceful meditation at the end of the day really aids their quality of sleep. If your not sure where to start there are several well known and highly rated apps that can help. Even just lying down and spending time to listen and engage with your breathing for 5 minutes is a really nice way of turning off your mind.

Whatever works for you

For me, I love a good cup of decaf tea! Saying that I do need to get better at this.

As long as you give yourself time to unwind and give your brain time to turn off from work and stress and the daily life you may find you sleep a little better xx


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