My First Fitness Event

I am always seeing photos on instagram of these massive fitness events that look absolutely amazing, but being a dance teacher (and working Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays most of the time) means I’m rarely free to go to them. However, this past weekend I had completely free!

So when I heard of The Tasty Games happening that weekend I got so excited I booked myself a ticket then and there…then I realised I was going alone.

This made me extremely nervous, I haven’t mentioned it before on here but I do from time to time suffer from general anxiety disorder (which I will talk about more in my next blog post). So I made sure I had everything organised before the day, I made sure I had a good nights sleep (well, I tried) and I brought a good book to distract myself on the train there. I was still very nervous, I knew I wanted to meet new people and share the interest in fitness with like minded people, you just never know quite how it’s going to go or how other people will react to you.

Typical of me I got there early, they said doors opened at 9.30 so I got there just after and was about the 4th person in there! So I took a walk around and had a look at what was on offer. It was held in an underground car park in central London which gave it this pretty cool underground vibe and the food area was made up of a patch of fake grass with those air catcher seat things and food stands at the side. The different studios were set up one after to the other as you walked through and there was a DJ playing the whole time! I didn’t have much of an idea of what was going on beforehand but the general idea was this:

Studios from around London were offering 20 minute taster workouts. You could chose which workouts you did in whichever order you wanted. We got given a wristband on entry and after every workout you got a sticker on the wristband so you could see how many workouts you have completed. The aim was to complete four workouts in order to get the free food and treats on offer.

I am sure this worked on the Saturday, from the photos it looked like there were a fair few more people at the event on the Saturday. However, I went on the Sunday and there weren’t quite as many people there, which meant this system kind of flew out of the window.

It also meant that anyone who turned up an hour and a half after the event had started, didn’t get to try as many of the workouts simply because by this point the instructors had given around five workouts back to back and started to pack up.

Here are the workouts I put myself through:

Workout 1: Un1t London @un1t_fulhamimg_2955

This was a circuit with 7 stations

These were:

  • Jump squats with a half turn
  • Hurdle hops
  • Ball Slams
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Mini Band Plank Jacks
  • Slider Knee Tucks
  • Heel Taps

So before this first workout I had been walking around looking at what was on offer and waiting for the workout to begin. Meaning- I was not warm.

There was an area just as you walked in that said “warm up” however no one actually told you to warm up or that that was the area you should do it in (I know sounds stupid and you should just know to warm up but I did not see a single person warm up. Maybe a group warm up at the very beginning would have been a good idea, and may also have encouraged people to get there for the star? Just a thought)

Any way all of this meant that first workout was a pretty big shock to the system. Well for me anyway (ha!) The instructors were absolutely lovely, they showed us all the moves we were going to do quickly and clearly and once we got started
were massively supportive and motivating (one of them actually joined in the whole thing!) we worked each station for 30 seconds then had 10 seconds rest. Each station was performed twice before we moved on. It was great! We felt like we had worked hard, and had really started the day with a belter of a workout!

After workout 1…

Workout 2: Twenty Two Training @twentytwotrainingimg_2958

This was a glute focused mini band workout!

So this was a workout where we followed the instructor performing several booty burning exercises.

We did crab walks side to side, plenty of squats with added side kicks and kick backs, some plank jacks, burpees, runs forward and back and many more I just can’t remember them all.

We then took the mini band and placed it around our wrists, something I have not tried before. We then got into a full (or straight-armed) plank position and travelled our hands towards the right and then the left (as in right hand out to the side, left hand to meet it and repeat and then left hand out and right hand to meet it) which was a lot harder than it looked! Made me realise that no matter how much I think I am strengthening my shoulders I need to do some more work there. Again lovely instructors, very clear and very happy!

After workout 2…

By the end of Workout 2 I had done many squats, legs on fire, could barely breathe, questioning life decisions and somehow wondered straight into…

Workout 3: PHIIT London @phiitlondonimg_2957

HIIT meets Core Control!

This was a kind of pilates and HIIT hybrid. Gorgeous lovely instructor (I am the worst at names and have managed to forgotten them all) who explained to us we were going to go mad mad mad mad mad and then calm and more controlled and repeat this method over and over. However once we got started it all felt pretty mad mad mad mad mad! It was amazing and bloody hard! It really combined tough cardio exercises with equally as tough controlled core work. I really enjoyed this workout and I found the instructor really genuine and very motivating.

After workout 3…

After this workout I definitely needed a break to pull myself together. I went to the bathroom mostly as a way of not wondering into another workout. Then on my way back from the toilet I walked past a particular Studio who’s next workout was just getting started (this was one I had avoided because it looked like it might just kill me and the instructor looked seriously hard core) and silly me caught the eye of the instructor who called me over to join in…now I tried to wave it off like “Nah I’m okay” but then I felt bad and went to join in clearly looking scared and actually just confessing “oh god this one looks scary” so straight off I gave everyone a good laugh at least.

Workout 4: The Refinery e9 @therefinerye9img_2956

20 minute Tabata Training

This was 20 seconds full out work and 10 seconds rest, each exercise given to us was performed two or three times and it all just kept going!

We started off doing exercises by ourselves, jump squats and such and then we got into partners which was fun (met a lovely girly!) then we were doing walkouts with high 5s and relay running and all sorts. Then the last move we were given was to plank head to head and continually high 5 with alternating hands…by this point my body (especially my shoulders) were giving up the ghost and I fell flat on my face. Oh how we laughed. I tried to get back up and keep going with the help of a motivating instructor and lovely lady partner but my shoulders just didn’t want to take my weight anymore!

Then we got food! (whether we had done 4 workouts or not)

First we tried some porridge from the The Good Yard @goodyardldn in collaboration with my beautiful drama school sister Tally Rye @tallyrye. It was porridge mixed with ginger whey protein topped with penut butter, berries, chia seeds and maple syrup…delicious! We then had some Yuzu Lomi Lomi from Island Poke @islandpokeuk which was like de-constructed sushi, and for someone who doesn’t eat sushi, I loved it. We were then given a couple of freebies including Rebel Kitchen’s Green Matcha Tea coconut milk @rebel_kitchen and a tub of something that looked like a purple pudding…i think someone had knocked the information off the table so I am not sure what it was!

All in all I had a really good day! I met some lovely people managed not to let my anxiety take over and hold me back and tried some new and interesting food! It may not have been the biggest event, but it was new and everything takes time and some trial and error to make amazing but I would definitely go again!

Thank you to The Tasty Games! @thetastygames

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