Right…that is it!

I don’t know about you but I have had a rubbish week, nothing in particular has happened, but I have been a numb kind of low, a feeling I couldn’t shake. My mind has been all over the place, either thinking about everything at once or shutting down all together. My workouts have been pants and unmotivated and I’ve been over-thinking and letting little things get to me way more than normal. I have just returned back from my third crap gym session of the week

…and I say ENOUGH!

Everyone has these times, days, weeks, sometimes months or longer and there is always a way out.

Talk to friends or family

And I mean the true people, the people that arn’t necessarily going to start barking “advice” in the form of “you should do this and that” but the people who are just going to listen and give you a hug and the odd welcome light suggestion, then maybe give you a hug and tell you you look damn fine all the same 😉

Try something new

A new hobby, a new class, a new bar, a new recipe just something to kick start you out of the funk! Buy a new book! Make it a happy one that’s going to make you laugh and just feel good. Buy a new notepad and just cover it in doodles and then colour in those doodles whatever colour you damn well please! Ask your gang to come try this new thing with you, you never know you might make a new tradition or weekly gathering.

Schedule some (clearly) much needed ‘me time’

Have a bath, read your new book, cuddle up with a blanket watching your favourite TV programme with those fancy looking truffles you only normally get on your birthday. Buy yourself something that normally you wouldn’t dream of getting yourself and would normally wait to see if anyone got the hint at Christmas. Tell everyone to just piss off for a little bit while you enjoy your own company.

Little things

Get excited about little silly things that aren’t silly like the fact you have decided to drink more green tea or eat more melon or you’ve bought a new notepad or some felt tip pens or a cushion and just enjoy the excitement no matter how many weird looks you may get.

The point is find something, anything to get you to snap out of it no matter how small or how different it may be.

These are only some of the things that have come to my mind in the moments of momentum I have had to write this post as a result of my revelation coming home from the gym.

As for me

I am going to write myself a new gym plan, something I can actually focus one when I’m in the gym and not let myself stop until completed. I am going to get all of my preparation for work done and enjoy that it’s out of the way. I am going to try and stop over-thinking everything and try and focus on right now and deal with anything as it comes. I am tired of being boring and dull, as I have felt this week. I found it hard to write, hard to take any pictures hard to not just sit and ask what is the bloody point and then end up just binge watching Revenge.

It’s at these times that I just feel a bit of a fraud even contemplating blogging or telling people about my experiences and how I may have found a way to help myself. But then even if one person reads this and just giggles at my random silliness then maybe I may have brightened up that one persons day, even for a minute

and that’s good enough for me.




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