Lunges, part of the average gym bunnies leg day. But there are a key points to think about when performing lunges that people don’t always explain.

The Basics

Step one foot forwards, keeping your torso straight with your shoulders relaxed and core engaged.

Lower your hips until your knees are roughly at 90 degree angles, not letting your back knee hit the floor.

Then keeping your weight in your heels push back up to standing.

Things to think about

Don’t let your toes go beyond your knees!

Keep your knee straight (over the ankle) you don’t want that thing falling inwards!

If your knees start to hurt, take smaller steps and really focus on the form.

Smaller lunges focus more on the quadriceps…bigger lunges focus more on the gluteus.

Then we can make it more interesting!

Walking lunges

Just like it sounds once you have performed your first lunge, the back foot pushes off, place it in front and perform the next lunge. Keep moving forward!

Curtsy Lunges

Take your right foot behind you, as far back as a normal lunge, but across to your left so your thighs cross (like a big grand curtsy) lower your hips, keeping your torso straight, weight going straight down the middle- Definitely a booty builder!image2 - Copy

Bulgarian lunges (split squat)

This version has several names, this is just what I know them as!

Back foot is raised on a bench or a ledge of some kind. Making sure your front foot is far enough in front that your knees don’t go beyond your toes, lower the torso, back straight ect.

These can really BURRRRRRN!!!


Lunge Pops

This is where you lunge, jump up, swap the legs and land in a lunge….aaaand repeat. Killer.

And of course you can add weights! Adding weights to any of these whether its in the form of dumbbells, a bar bell, a plate or a kettle bell, adding weight will up the intensity!

Mix these in with some squats, jumps and kick backs and you’ve got yourself a decent leg day!

Enjoy! x

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