Injuries are the WORST!

Do we just stop exercising? Do we work through the pain??

Well first things first………GET IT SEEN!!!!!!!

You need to know exactly what is injured and how! You can make an appointment with your doctor (although a lot of the time they wont know how to help except pain killers) or Physio or Chiropractor.

Both a Physio and a chiropractor should be able to determine what the injury is and then tell you how to work on the problem with exercises you can do at home.


If they say you have to rest for however long…REST

If they tell you you can do light cardio or certain exercises and not others, then do as they say. Don’t do anything that is going to aggravate the injury, that is silly. You could make the problem so much worse!

Do the exercises they give you as many times as you are allowed to do, if they say you can do them as many times as you want…then do it as many times as you can, the exercises they give you are there to make the right muscles stronger for a maximum recovery.

Sleeping and Eating

That’s the nice way of saying good sleep and nutrition. Sorry. You wanna make sure you are getting plenty of sleep (our bodies best time for recuperating) and eating right. Your body is going to need all the right fuel to rebuild your injury. It’s tough but your body needs you! Now don’t just eat less because you worry about weight gain. Actually your resting metabolic rate can be up to 15% higher depending on how bad the injury is- that is just from your body trying to heal itself! So don’t cut down, just make sure you are taking in enough protein, vitamins and minerals to really help the healing.

So to summarise: lovely early nights and try more greens and less pizza.


Test out your range of movement before attempting any exercises. You don’t know what my make that injury twinge and what might surprisingly not. Don’t start going in on chest day if you can barely raise your arms- at the same time you might find some movements surprisingly okay! (Pushing and not pulling or vice versa)

Getting back into it

Don’t overdo it the minute you’ve been signed off. Take your time, you didn’t go through all that just to go and injure yourself again. You probably wont be able to do quite as much as you did before, depending on how long you’ve had to rest, whether that’s run for as long or lift as heavy. You will need to work up to it. Also make sure you are warming up, stretching and foam rolling now to prevent any further injuries!

It sucks! I know, I have been there.

In my second year of drama school I got over excited during a dance routine to Footloose (who wouldn’t) and kicked too high tearing my hamstring right under my booty. It bloody hurt and I was stubborn at first to get it seen. But once I saw the Physio she told me to rest (9 effing weeks) and gave me exercises to do to strengthen my hamstring again. It was hard but I did it and I’m so thankful I did.


It takes patience…sometimes buckets and buckets of patients, but I promise you it is worth it.

Take care of yourselves xx

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