Happy Now

I occasionally have panic attacks when thinking about the future, whether that is to do with money, a career, relationships or any little things. With anxiety I have my good days and my bad but my aim is to have more and more good days until I am at a point where they are all good. That comes from changes big or small that are going push me to make the most out of my life.

Sometimes you think I just need to suffer this now and in the future I will be happy. I have said that a few times now. I just want to be happy…but I’m always talking about being happy in the future.


And then my older sister (who has always been extremely clever and a bloody hero of mine) said to me…

“Make sure you’re happy now, then you can think about the future”

It’s true, how can I expect to ever reach my goal of being happy in life if I don’t try and
make sure I am happy now.

You are in this life now, make it a happy one.

You deserve to be happy, if that means you need to move house, change jobs, push yourself into things that scare you then do it. It might be something like joining a class or taking a course on something you never really thought about taking more seriously. But if you are unhappy you need to take action!

Trust me I know this is easier said than done. We all need money, sometimes we have to work that crappy job we hate…but that doesn’t mean we need to hate our lives. Give yourself things to enjoy outside of work, things to look forward to. Things that will make you happy despite that crappy job- you may even enjoy the job more. But don’t be afraid to go for the amazing job, don’t put yourself down before you’ve even tried!

IMG_5252So this is my new focus, do what I can to get myself to a happy place now.

This is a lot more deep than my normal posts but it’s something I think about a lot. And I realise I have said the word ‘happy’ a lot in this post….it’s just so darn important!!



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