Mini Monday Workout

Well hello!

So I’ve decided that I’m gonna start putting up workouts that can be done anywhere with little equipment.

I get people saying that they don’t want to, can’t justify spending on a gym membership but just don’t know what to do otherwise.

So here is my first…mini Monday workout!

This workout does work the whole body with an extra focus on the lower body (hamstrings, quads, calves and glutes).

Remember to engage your core muscles throughout and keep breathing!

This is a HIIT workout meaning you can get it done in 20 minutes…Perfect for the busy body!

1.Lunge with Hop

Take one foot straight behind you into a lunge (making sure neither knee falls inwards) then push off the floor driving the same leg forward into a tuck position while hopping off the floor with the underneath leg. (Either alternate legs or do one leg for half the time then switch)


The move we love to hate

From standing jump up into the air, as you land bend your knees and place your hands on the floor. Then jump your feet backwards into a plank position. (Here if you want to take it up a level you can either perform a press up or drop your body to the floor and have to push yourself up before the next step) Then jump your feet back in towards your hands and stand up…going straight into the next jump. 9You can also make this harder by turning the jump into a tuck jump bringing your knees into your chest)

3.Curtsey Lunge with Side Kick

Harder than it looks

Take one leg behind and across the other and bend both knees (this looks like a curtsey but burns the booty) as you push off the back leg hold your core and swing kick the leg to the side. Place the foot straight back into the position for the curtsey lunge. (Switch legs halfway through the time)

4.Travelling Jump Squats

Jump forward as far as you can landing into a deep squat, push off the ground from this squat and jump turning 180 degrees to face the way you came from. Then do it all again…and again…and again. (careful of those knees, make sure they are facing forward!)

You can either do 20 seconds work and 40 seconds rest for 3 or 4 rounds

ORto make it harder

30 seconds work and 30 seconds rest for 3 or 4 rounds.

This is one of those workouts you look at and think “meh okay that should be alright”

But it gets sweaty! And if you are not sweating then you are not pushing yourself to the max for that short work time. It’s all on you!

Enjoy! xx

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