Mini Monday Workout…Kinda

Yes I realise it’s Wednesday but I have an excuse!

So I have just moved! Yay, great, I’m so happy it was time to move on HOWEVER it does mean the past couple of weeks have been so stressful and every little thing is so time consuming I haven’t been able to blog, I haven’t posted on instagram, don’t get me wrong I have shown Wonder Woman level strength moving things but it has meant I have been generally too exhausted to exercise. Hopefully this changes NOW.

So here is a workout I filmed a little while ago in case of an occasion such as this!

Another mini Monday Workout!

So again you can perform this two different ways….using a certain number of reps each time and timing how long each round takes you, or using HIIT style by timing each exercise and rest time.

1.Squat Pops with Crossover

This is less complicated than it sounds, some people may call them jump squats.

You simply jump into a squat position, legs apart, knees pointing the same way as your toes, bum moving back as if going to sit on a chair (I wish), chest up. Then jump straight back up not only bringing your feet together but crossing them over. Try to swap the feet over every rep. After about 3 of these they suddenly become really hard, or maybe it’s just me!

2.Heel Touches

Like running with knees up but you can’t cheat. You need to bring your leg up high enough to enable you to touch the inside of your heel. It’s almost like the initial panic after someone has just said “the floor is lava” and you can’t find anywhere to go.

3.Walkout with downward facing dog

Start standing, bend forward so your hands are flat on the floor right in front of your feet. Walk the hands forward until you reach full plank position. Then lift your bum high to make a triangular type shape with yourself and the floor, also know as Downward facing dog. You will feel this in your shoulders. Then lower yourself back to full plank position, walk your hands back into your feet and stand up…then do it again, and again, and again. For this exercise focus on the control, the slower and more controlled you move from plank to downward facing dog, the harder the exercise.

4.Mountain Climbers

I used to HATE this exercise with every fibre of my being, so I forced myself to do them a lot for a while and I grew to love them! This is one for those exercises for me that you can really see your improvement in. One day they will suddenly feel so much easier than they were at first.

So lower yourself into full plank position, then bring in one of your knees close to your chest, then place it back, repeat with the other leg, then keep going as fast as you can.


This one is surprisingly sweaty, or again maybe it’s just me.

Lean forward slightly, keeping your back flat and your core tight with knees bent. You then jump to the right, landing on your right leg and bringing your left foot behind your right ankle. You then repeat on the other side. Some people find it helpful to have something small to jump over on the floor, like a rolled up towel.


So like I said earlier you can either give yourself a set number of repetitions for each exercise and the time how long it takes you to go through 3 or 4 rounds. Then you can try and beat yourself next time.


You can use the HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) style and work at your max on each exercise for 20 seconds taking a 40 second rest between each exercise for 3 or 4 rounds.

OR to make it harder

You can work for 30 seconds and rest for 30 seconds.

Have fun! xx

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