Mini Monday Workout….

Yes I am fully aware it is Wednesday but I had to sort out the new place in order for it to be film-worthy! I will be on time at some point.

So here is the next lil workout for you to fit into your busy schedule!

I did this workout myself yesterday and at first I thought “uh oh…I have made this way too easy”

30 seconds later I could barely breathe!


Lunge with Kick

Take one foot back into a lunge, keeping your knees facing forward, then push off the back foot and take it straight through into a front kick. Place the foot down and repeat on the other foot! Give that kick some welly and this gets harder the more you do it.

Plank Taps

Hold a plank position with forearms, take one foot out to the side and tap your foot on the ground. Then place it back by the other foot and repeat alternating your feet. Sounds simple but is hard work.

Pop squat with pulses

Bend at the knees and the hips into a squat position (this can be done in either regular squat position or Sumo squat position)


Lie on your back then raise your upper torso and legs off the ground -almost like a v-sit just not as high. Move your legs in a scissor type action. Try and pull your belly button into your spine and hold your back straight as you can. Don’t let your feet touch the floor!

High knees with Burpee

8 High knees, drop to the floor front down and then push yourself back up and repeat…that’s about it!

Perform each move for 30 seconds at your maximum effort then have a 30 second break between each exercise for 3 or 4 rounds.

Or if you want to make it a little harder you can go for 40 seconds at your maximum effort with a 20 second break between each exercise for 3 or 4 rounds.

This is all about what you put into it! If you are working to your max with each exercise you should feel it!

Enjoy xx

P.S I’m still getting used to all the tech stuff- these videos can only get better (hopefully!)

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