New year, New me?

A saying people hear all too often around this time every year.

There is such a debate going on on social media about this one saying.

One camp says “Yes! Time to make a positive change and start doing the right things” whereas the other camp says “you can start doing the right things any day of the year, I’m gonna keep being me and kicking ass!”

There is no right answer here it is simply a case of what works for you.

If you are a person who often starts the year with a big push of enthusiasm and focus but then starts to fade by February then maybe this isn’t the route for you. You really do not have to then wait another 11 months for your next big push! However if you are someone who seems to have just found themselves becoming gradually unfocused and a little lost in life then maybe a fresh start is exactly what you need.


There is no pressure here. Not from anyone but yourself.

So please don’t be too hard on yourself, there is nothing that will kill motivation faster than the constant feeling of failure. You can always take a break, or a day off. Don’t berate yourself for not going to the gym the day you had a cold or having a bit of cake at your best friends birthday, don’t give up because you haven’t lost 3 stone in a month or achieved or your dreams in a couple of weeks. You have to be realistic.

Short term goals and long term goals is your key here.

Long term goals

The goals you want to achieve in life or even by the end of the year.

Short term goals

What you can achieve this week as a stepping stone to the long term goals.

So, for example, if by the end of the year you wanted to loose weight and be able to do a handstand…don’t break your neck week 1. That would be your long term goal….to do a handstand not break your neck.

Your short term goal may be to try and complete 3 workouts a week and add 2 handstand drills to the end of two of those workouts, then the next week to complete 4 workouts a week and add drills to three of the workouts, then to add harder drills and so on.

If it’s in your nature to go hard or go home then by all means go hell for leather, but you run the risk of either loosing interest pretty quickly or simply giving up because it appears too hard to bother. If you gradually make these little changes part of your daily life it all becomes far more maintainable!

And you’ll have the breathing space to figure out how you can do it in a way that interests you, whether that’s fitness, cooking, a new hobby or any other resolution you may have new years or otherwise.

…Plus having a little tick list of short term, achievable goals to check off at the end of every week is so bloody satisfying!

There will be another post coming soon all about my start to the year, updates on well being and my goals.



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