Me and My Goals

My last blog post talked about goal setting and how you can use that to focus your resolutions (new years or otherwise) and keep on track rather than give up come February! So as promised here is a post about my goals and how I have used that to get myself out of the rut I seem to have found myself in.

That’s not really true, I haven’t found myself in this rut, I’ve been here for roughly two years now. Like many 20 something year old women I have gotten lost in what I want to do with my life and have ended up flapping. It’s been a seriously flappy couple of years.

Coming out of higher education you start of with the motivation to really go for what you trained in, but that isn’t always the path you end up taking, and that is far more than okay.

Which leads me to my first set of goals- career. I, like may of those in the midst of the quarter-life-crisis, simply cannot decide on any one thing I want to make my career. I want to do everything, I love acting, I love teaching, I love personal training, I love helping people and creating and this mess of things I want to do has lead me to being stuck in a place where I do very little. I end up in a string of flappy lil’ jobs that leave completely unsatisfied.


Acting for example, lil’ lady anxiety has held me back for a while in many areas now. I feel physically held back from really putting myself out there. Not the acting, not the auditions themselves, but the emails, the self promoting and the taking time of work and letting people down in order to do those things. It has stressed me out and caused many an attack, so my goals in the sense of my career are split up into long and short- term in order for me to take baby steps.

Long term Goal: Give acting another shot.

So my short term goals for this are weekly, such as:

  • Edit showreel
  • Write agent cover letters
  • Send out 10 agent emails this week

This may seem like an easy mornings work to a lot of people, to me this stuff is not easy and I need to push myself to put myself out there a lot of the time.

This way I can focus myself and try to move forward in the many things I would love to work on and possibly turn into a career…or many!

My other set of goals are there so I don’t get too bogged down in work. I can have a tendency to over work, if something is particularly stressing me out I’ll either procrastinate with a good netflix binge or obsess over it persistently and not give myself any down time. Both are bad, I know this.

These goals aren’t as direct and specific like the career based goals.

Short term:

  • Take time to create something
  • Practice the ukulele three times a week
  • Read a book
  • Challenge myself

These seem a little more vague than the first set of goals but that’s okay for me (might not be for others) but for me these are the side things I have either wanted to do for a while and not got started on r things that I feel I am lacking in my life. Hopefully these will get me away from the telly and give my brain a chance to breath a little.

P1010873 (2)

My goals for this year are to focus my brain so I can start working on all the different ideas and loves of mine that I want to work on and seeing what I can then take forward. My short term goals working on me getting these little steps done and not continuing to bury my head in the sand.

Or as big sis says “throw it all out there and see what sticks”.

Don’t worry, not as many people have their s**t together like you may think xx

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