Back to Basic 3- Basic and Beyond

This workout is the third in my ‘back to basics’ mini series. This one however isn’t quite so basic. I wanted to show you how you can take the basic steps and develop them into more complex exercises, so this one is an example of the kind of exercises you can put together. You can find the last instalment here.

Once again the technique here is key, the more you perform these exercises the better you will become. Everyone can improve (including me!)

Squat Sequence (x10 per exercises)

We have previously looked at the body weight squat with knee crunch.

This time we will be performing both of those squat exercises and adding a new one.

This is a squat with kickback.

Simply put: you do a normal squat then as you return to standing you take one leg straight out behind you. Make sure you are squeezing your glutes (bum) and not releasing your core muscles and lower back. Each squat you swap legs.

This will focus more on your gluteal muscles also working on your balance like with the knee crunch.

So you are to perform 10 of the normal squats, 10 of the squats with knee crunch and 10 with kickbacks without stopping.

Lunge With Rotation (x10 per side)

I know this was in the last workout but we are taking it a step further!

This time, instead of waiting until you are at the lowest point in the lunge to rotate, you are going to rotate at the same time as lunging.

Keep your hands out in front of you and keep the whole motion controlled, you don’t need to be slinging yourself round as you will loose you balance.

This will work on those stabilising muscles.


Back Lunge with Knee Raise (x10 per side)

Moving on from the back lunge we have looked at previously.

With this move you take the leg that has just move back to lunge straight through bringing the knee up towards the chest. You then take the leg straight back into the back lunge. It may take a few attempts but do try to complete the move without putting the moving foot down in between the lunge and the knee raise.

This will be working your lower body and stabilising muscles.

Walkouts with Shoulder Taps (x10)

Developing the walkout we looked at in the previous workout.

Once you have walked your hands out to a full plank position, take one of your hands and tap the opposite shoulder, repeat with the other hand, then walk yourself back up.

Try and keep your body as still as possible when doing the shoulder taps (unlike me!)

Plank to Downward Facing Dog (x10)

New one for you! This exercise really works on your core and shoulders…IF you take it nice and slow!

So you are starting off in a full plank position you are then going to lift from your hips, keeping your knees as straight as possible until you are in downward facing dog. Then moving your chest up and forward take yourself back into a full plank. It sounds easy…then do it 10 times nice and slowly.

Hold you core the entire time and try to connect the movement to your breathing. Breathe out going into downward facing dog and breathe in as you move back into plank.

Slow Mountain Climbers (x20)

This is the same as the slow knee crunches in the last workout just try to take it a little faster.

Starting off in a full plank position, hands placed underneath your shoulders and making sure your body is in complete alignment from your heels to the crown of your head.

Bring one knee in as close to your chest as you can without letting your back round and return to repeat with the other knee. Try to make sure your core is engaged and you are not letting your hips sink or your back round to much.


Try this for 3 or 4 rounds.


Enjoy! xx

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