If you are one of those people who just find it inconceivable to fit a workout into your day DO NOT FEAR. It is possible! And…I am not talking about HIIT this time.


As Many Rounds As Possible

With an AMRAP workout all you need to do is set your timer and try and complete as many rounds of circuit as possible, this means it is up to YOU. You perform the moves as fast as you personally can (with good technique) not as fast as superman could. You can rest, you can grab a sip of water whenever you need, you just want to see how many round you can fit into that time slot. The next time….beat it.

Try this one out…

10 ‘To the floor!’ burpees– perform a burpee and when you jump your feet backwards let your whole body lower to the floor and push your self back up to continue.

20 Shoulder taps– Get into the full plank position (straight arms not on elbows) and take one hand to tap the opposite shoulder keeping your body as still as possible and alternate.

20 lunge pops– lunge, jump up and switch the feet, repeat.

10 eccentric press ups– top of a press up position, lower your body down slowly until you are fully on the floor and push back up again (this focuses on the eccentric part of the movement- control it).

20 Russian Twists– sit in a ‘v sit’ position and take your hands from one side to touch the floor to the other, this can be done with feet on the ground or up at 45 degrees to make it harder.

That’s the circuit, now see how many round you can do in 20 minutes!

Enjoy x

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