Injuries Suck

I’m sure we can all agree with that, right?

Today my workout started great, I was lifting heavy, enjoying myself and feeling great… one slightly wrong move with a dumbbell and I twig an old injury in my shoulder at the same time I receive an extremely irritating text cancelling an appointment.

Well honestly, I swore...a lot.

Between the shooting pains down my arm and the annoyance from the text I could feel myself start to get really wound up. So instead I sat, put a nice song on, closed my eyes (the gym was fairly empty, not that I’d have cared that much at that point) and tried to calm myself down. One I figured my shoulder had calmed down I picked up the dumbbell and tried again (cause I can be a stubborn bugger).


Obviously it twigged again and hurt a lot worse, and this time it wasn’t calming down, it still hasn’t really.

It was stupid of me but i was just really enjoying my good start to the day (I’ve had a couple down days recently) but being the anxious girl I am once something has really set me off I begin to spiral, everything I had been overthinking and stressing about on my down days started to pile on. So once again I put on my favourite song of the moment on, shut my eyes and tried to calm the hell down. And it worked to a point, I stopped spiralling pretty quickly, the lump in my throat went as well and I didn’t think i was going to cry…but i was now in a pretty bad mood (which i feel is okay when you’ve just ruined your workout and your shoulder hurts).

So instead I decided to run a mile on the treadmill.

Too put this into perspective anyone who knows me knows that I do not run. At all. So last week i decided to start challenging myself to run a mile once or twice a week and try and get my time down to 6 minutes (I am definitely not there yet). I really hate running, ask me to dance all day long and Ill jump to it but ask me to run and my body says no…but I do like a challenge.

So I did it, and again i swore…a lot, but I bloody did it, this is only the second time I’ve done it but it absolutely kills me.

Anyway i guess I’m trying to say that I should have known better than to try lift that dumbbell again straight away, but I am glad that I am now at a point where i can stop a major freak out and continue on to something productive (and exhausting).

Although saying that, if you are not yet at the stage where you can comfortably bring yourself back down and you feel you need to leave, that is okay.

Peace out xx

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