Low Impact Home Workout

It’s all very well and good going on to YouTube or blogs with the intention of putting yourself through a home workout, however if you can’t perform half the exercises being demonstrated due to pain or any other anatomical issues then what are you supposed to do?

So here is one for those of you who see all these jumping exercises and just think “owwwww”

This workout can be performed at home all you need is some space and something to lean on like the sofa or a chair. It is also made up of exercises that focus on low impact movement- this should mean it is not such a problem for people with painful ankles, knees, hips and back.

The Exercises

Step Out Burpees

For some people, burpees are the most horrific exercise and they just want to cry as soon as anyone says it….this could be for a number of reasons but if it’s because go pain then this could work for you.

Start with your hands up above your head, then take your arms down and place your hands on the floor. Then step out a foot (of your choosing) followed by the other foot to get yourself into a full plank position. Then reverse the process!

Body weight squats

A staple in anyone’s exercise library, but it doesn’t have to get all fancy if you don’t need it to. Just getting the technique of a good body weight squat can be hard enough.

So standing with your feet a little over hip width apart toes and knees facing forward (your feet can point outwards a little if this is your natural stance) then bend at the hips and the knees as if going to sit on a little stool behind you, trying to keep your heels on the floor.

Then stand up again pushing through the legs and engaging the bum.

Look out for:

Knees falling inwards- your knees should be inline with your second toe, try performing the squat in front of a mirror and stare at your knees (they tend to do as they are told more if you stare at them)

Glute Bridges

Lie down on the floor, don’t get too comfortable you do have to move. Place your feet flat on the floor so your knees are up. Think about tucking your pelvis under and squeezing your but cheeks. Then lift your bum until your body is in a flat line from your shoulders to your knees (you don’t need to go any higher). Then roll back down as if trying to roll each part of your spine onto the floor. Make sure you are lifting the bum rather than pushing down on the legs!

Lying Prone Fly

(For want of a better name)

This is a great exercise for your upper back, especially if you (like so many) work at a desk and find yourself hunched over within about 10 minutes of work.

Lying face down on the floor, place your arms so your elbow is in line with your shoulder and your hands are towards your head, palms facing down. Then raise your forearms up behind you squeezing in between your shoulder blades, hold and squeeze for about 3 seconds and slowly lower down again.

Slow Incline Mountain Climbers

Good for the core, not so heavy on the shoulders as it would be on the floor. So leaning on a sofa, bench or chair in a plank position, make sure your in a straight line from the crown of your head to your heels. Then slowly drive one knee towards the bench squeezing in your core, then control it back to where to began. And repeat!

After a good warm up…

Perform each exercise one after the other for 40 seconds each, and repeat for 4 rounds giving yourself 1 Minute rest between rounds!

Make sure you give yourself a stretch afterwards


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