New Year Fat Burner

New Year, new me right? Nahhhhhhh

New year and a hopefully slightly more organised version of me who can keep on top of her food and her studying as well as work…..that’ll do!

As well as that I need to try and fit in a little more exercise, even working as a PT when I’m not at University doing my masters I haven’t managed to workout myself which is just silly.

So for all you other people struggling to fit in the workout but still eager to make 2019 a healthier one…this ones for you!

HIIT Fat Burner….three words that used to strike fear in my very soul

North South Lunges

Take your favourite foot forward into a forward lunge, making sure your knees are both facing forward and your feet aren’t crossing each other, then take the same foot all the way back into a reverse lunge (without touching the floor in between if you can!) and repeat over and over and over again…….then repeat on your least favourite foot.


Get yourself into a plank position on your elbows, push up with one hand, then the other to get to a full plank. Then reverse, lowering your body back into that elbow plank position one hand at a time. And repeat, alternating which hand starts the movement.


Start standing, then walk yourself out into a plank position using your hands- you can either just hinge at the hips and keep the legs straight or you can bend the knees and walkout from a semi-crouch kind of position, either is good.

Bear Crawl

Deceptively hard! Get yourself into a table top position on all fours, then tuck your toes under and push up so your knees are just hovering above the floor….just! Then, taking one hand and one foot forward, crawl forward a few paces (or however big your room is) and then backwards keeping those knees low and trying not to let your hips tilt too much, take it nice and slow and steady!

Heel click Jump Squats

As ridiculous as they sound this is a move I love giving my clients at the end of a circuit. Start in a squat position, push yourself off the floor as hard as you can, as you do squeeze your inner thighs and click your heels together. Then take your feet apart in time for your landing, making sure you’re landing and bending your knees at the same time, taking you straight into your next jump squat…all nice and smooth!

6 exercises (the first one you have to do on each side)

Perform each one for 40 seconds with 20 second rest in between, and a 1 minute rest between rounds- repeat for 3/4 rounds depending on how much time you have!

Make sure you warm up and give yourself a stretch afterwards! And drink plenty of water!

Enjoy xxx

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