Life Updates!

Life life life life life

Thought I would write my first on workout blog post of the year as a general catch up!

Last year was a massive one for me and I didn’t really talk about it all that much. I started off the year massively frustrated with life, don’t get me wrong there were certain parts I absolutely loved like the kids I was teaching and my friends being close by…but i wasn’t happy.

So the only thing to do was to move. Pack up and start again. So I did, I left the county that had been my home for roughly 7 years and moved closer to home. Then I had to start over, got myself a new job Personal Training for a lovely lil local gym.

Personal Training, despite people may think, isn’t easy!

I had been looking at a Masters Degree course in Dance Science for a while, with zero confidence to even find out if I was eligible for it. Until on day when my older sister told me to email and ask…..long story short I got late admission and started in September!

So I’m currently working part-time (which for a PT is still like 30 hours just crammed into 2 days!) and pushing through a full time Masters Degree, all the while trying to find time to train for myself and see my friends and the boyfriend (new addition).

So that’s me right now- brain is full, money is tight but I am happy, tired, but happy. I know what I’’m doing with myself for the moment.


I’ve got some big plans for this year (Thesis included) so I’m just trying to manage my time well enough to be satisfied with what I’m putting into each aspect of my life….which definitely means far more content for this lil blog.

So watch this space people…..

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