Goal Setting

It’s January! And that means there’s a whole lot of New Years Resolutions about….I personally don’t really give myself New Years resolutions because I’m rubbish at sticking to them…however I do line setting myself a proper goal (which is like the same, right?)

The thing with goals and resolutions is that if not done properly then it’s great for the first month or so but then you may loose track, or interest, or find that it’s too hard or too big a change.

So I thought I would give you my best tips on goal setting!

1. Set your ultimate goal….be specific and give it a date, for example I “would like to be working out 6 times a week by December.” (This is just an example for the purpose of explaining it…you really don’t have to be working out 6 times a week XD

Now at this point you barely make it to the gym once a month, you are a super busy person and really this feels like a bit of a fantasy.

2. Then you set your Progress goals, the little milestones that will get you to that point in more manageable steps.

So “I will be working out twice a week by February, 3 times a week by April, 4 times a week by July, 5 times a week by October”

This takes into account times where you are more likely to be a little more social like the summer and just breaks it up so you can adjust slowly and find that way of making the time for it in a way that isn’t going to completely throw you off or make it too hard or inconsistent. These are not set in stone, you can come back to these and adjust according to your progress.

3. Baby steps, these are the tiny steps that are going to help you reach the progress goals. These can be weekly or fortnightly lil goals that seem super nice and easy to fit into every day life.

In this example that could be…

“Join the gym”

“Write out some workouts” or better yet “ask someone for help in writing out some workouts”

“Lay out exercise clothes the night before”

Theses will then be gradually added to your daily life and make everything else seem a bit easier!

This way of goal setting helps your big aims for the year or in life just not seem so daunting…because if you are anything like me then if it seems like too much even a few days after you’ve written it down…it will be abandoned! This way I know I can stay on track and praise myself for making the little steps towards your achievement.

It can be done with any kind of goal: weight loss, money saving, muscle gain, writing, work, healthy eating…blog content. And it can be done for whatever time, let’s say you have a big event coming up, you can divide the time leading up to it into whatever smaller chunks you need…just be realistic!

I also find if you make it pretty or add it to your planner/ diary/ fridge door will help you stick to it!

Please let me know if you find this helpful or if you have any other tips for goal setting so we can all share and find our best way of reaching our goals!

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