Quick Dumbbell Workout

Here is another quick workout for those of you who find it hard to fit exercise into your schedule!

You can do this workout in the gym or at home, all you need is a pair of dumbbells (if you have several different weights to play with then perfect!)

How it works

This workout is in supersets- 2 exercises where you complete one set of on exercise and one set of the second exercise and then repeat.

The first three supersets you complete for 45 seconds each and 20 seconds rest. The last superset you are given the number of repetitions you need to complete for each exercise and you are trying to complete all 4 rounds with as little rest as possible in as little time as possible!

The Exercises

Superset 1

DB squat

Holding a dumbbell horizontally against your chest and standing with your feet a little wider than shoulder-width apart. Bend at the hips and the knees as if going to sit on a chair behind you and come back to standing (in other words: perform a squat).

Shoulder Press

Standing with your feet apart and a dumbbell in each hand, take your arms into a staple position (to the side bent at the elbows with the hands towards the ceiling). Drive the dumbbells up until the arms are straight (not locked at the elbows) and control the weights back down to the starting position.

Superset 2

Bent Over Row

Standing with the knees soft, bend at the hips lowering the chest but keeping the back straight and holding the dumbbells down either side of you. Draw the elbows back bringing the dumbbells towards the side of your mid-drift and control the weight back down.

Hammer Curl

Just like a normal bicep curl except instead of the hands being palm up, we are thinking about the palms facing or other (or almost a thumbs up position). Keeping the elbows at the side of the body and not moving the upper arm, bend at the elbow and bring the weight up towards the shoulder. Gym pout is optional.

Superset 3

Floor Press

Lie down on the floor holding a dumbbell in each hand, resting the upper arm on the floor out to the side in-line with the shoulder with the hands off the floor towards the ceiling. Push the dumbbells up and into the middle above the chest, and control the weight back down to the starting position.

Overhead Tricep Extension

Holding one dumbbell between both hands, take the dumbbell over the head with the arms straight above you. Bend your arms at the elbow lowering the dumbbell behind the head and then straighten the arms again- sounds so simple but after the first few repetitions you will start to feel the burn in the triceps!


10 of each exercise, 4 rounds, as little rest as possible FOR TIME!

Renegade Row

Get into a plank position with a dumbbell in each hand. Draw one elbow back bringing the dumbbell towards the side of the mid-drift (just like the bent over row) and repeat on with the other arm…if you want to make this more of a challenge, add a press-up between each rep!

Squat to Press

Standing with feet a little wider than shoulder-width apart and a dumbbell each hand balanced on the shoulders. Perform a squat and as you stand drive the arms straight up into a shoulder press. As soon as the arms are down you start your next squat!

Remember this is a finisher so you really want to get the heart rate up!

Enjoy! X

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