Summer Workout

Happy bank holiday Monday to you!

It is crazy hot (for England) but if you are wanting to make the most of it with a quick lil workout in the sun then this is the one for you (as long as you promise to put sun cream on!).

The Exercises

Travelling jump squats
Stand feet hip slightly wider than hip width apart, bend at your hips and your knees with you hips moving back as if going to sit on a chair keeping the chest up and knees in light. Push through your thighs and your heels off the ground driving yourself forward and land in the same position. Watch those knees!!!!

Plank taps
Get your body into a nice full plank position keeping your bum down and your body in line as much as you can. Take one foot out to the side, tap the toe on the ground (lightly) and place back. Then repeat. Try and keep your body as still as possible (it’s hard!)

Lunge pops with squat
Jump into a lunge position with your right leg forward, left leg back. Weight needs to be placed in the middle so both knees are at right angles. Push off the floor switching the legs. Then push off and land in the beautiful squat position you performed earlier, then jump back into the lunge and start again! Keep those knees in line and try not to let the front knee go beyond your toe.

Knees combo
8 high knees running on the spot. Jump down placing your hands on the floor and jumping your feet backwards into a full plank position. Then perform 8 quick mountain climbers. Jump up and repeat!

Down and Ups with jump squat
From standing lower your body into a squat position, place one foot on the floor behind you to kneeling then the other, then reverse the movement back to the squat position. Push yourself off the floor and land in a squat to repeat.

Star Jumps
Feet together bend at the knees and the hips with your hips moving back like a squat, jump up taking your arms and legs out to the side and land with them back together. And repeat!

In and out squat jumps
Feet together lower yourself into a squat position, push off the floor and land with your feet wide apart toes faving forward and lower into a squat, then push off the floor and land back with your feet together and repeat.

Pick two points a shortish distance away from each other (then maybe go a little further) and sprint between them.

Perform each exercise for 30 seconds then have a 10 second rest. Repeat this circuit 3 times taking a minute rest between each set!

It’s gonna burn!
Enjoy and make sure you stretch afterwards! Xx

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