Full Body Circuits

This workout is good if you have a little more time set aside for your workout (it can be done quickly by having a set amount of time for each exercise rather than the number of reps given). This workout will hit most of your major muscle groups with no equipment (other than a mat) making it a great home workout for when you can’t get to the gym!

The exercises….

Circuit 1

Squat with low double contraction (or pulse) x10

Stand with your feet just over shoulder-width apart, taking your hips back and bending at the knees move perform the first half of a squat, once you have got to the bottom of your squat start t rise up a little then go back down to the bottom of your squat (just as low) before coming to standing.

Split squat x10 (each side)

Take a long step forward as if about to start a lunge. Keeping on the back foot on the ball of the foot, start to bend both knees keeping your weight in the middle, lunge down and back up to the top without stepping your feet together. Aaaaand repeat.

Hip thrust (both or single leg) x10 (each side)

This can either be done on the floor or with your upper back on a raised surface like a sofa or a step. Feet on the floor knees in line with the feet and the hips, think about squeezing the glutes (butt cheeks) to lift them up until your body is in a line from your knees your chin, try not to engage the quads (top of the legs) if you wan to take it up a notch then lift one leg with the knee bent focusing all the effort in the one glute.

Circuit 2

Press Ups followed by eccentric press ups

7 press ups either on your knees or in full making sure your core is engaged and your hips are in line with your body. Once you have completed all 7 press ups go up to a full plank position and then lower your self (like the first half of the press up) as slowly as your possibly can. Once you get to the back to the full plank position however you need to and repeat 2 more times- MAKE SURE YOU ARE BREATHING THROUGHOUT!

Dead bugs x10

Lying with your back on the floor, bring your knees up to 90 degrees and your arms straight up in front of you. Keeping your core engaged and trying to keep your back flat on the floor, extend one leg close to the floor while also taking the opposite arm back along the floor. Return to the starting position and repeat.

Side plank with rotation x10

Get yourself into a side plank position either balanced on your elbow or your hand with the other arm straight above you. Take the free arm and reach around the front of your waist allowing a little rotation in the torso. Then return the arm to the start position and repeat.

Work through circuit 1 three times with a minutes rest between each round and as little rest as possible between each exercise. The do the same with circuit 2.

You can always finish off with a quick HIIT finisher!!!

Enjoy xx

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