Life updates!

So the year of 2019 was a generally crazy one…most of it was a complete blurr.

My year was mainly spent completing my master’s degree in dance science. I’m used to challenging myself when it comes to dance or performance or even putting together shows for young schools, but this was all together a new level of challenge for me. I have never seen myself as academic, not even for a second. It was only when working towards my Personal Training qualification in 2015 that I even found science type stuff interesting. I enjoyed the physiology and learning to understand what was happening inside our bodies when we move. I had never really done much academic writing previously, so that was something I had to get used to and fast. In a master’s degree it is assumed that you can write an academic essay so there was no help there, no spoon feeding. Going through this year and getting to go through different aspects of a dancer, the physiology, biomechanics, psychology and everything else that can be thrown in as another view was an absolute pleasure. It was hard, trying, frustrating and stressful but it was amazing. I have learnt so much that I can only hope to pass on in my future career.

On top of this [full time course] I have had to be working minimum 30 hours a week to remain as independent as possible. I also started full-on saving about half way through the year as me and my partner decided to look for our own place. All of the above (as well as the pressures of writing a thesis) lead me to decide to move back in with the parents, change jobs, turn down the fitness and the social life and generally keeping my eyes on computer screens for 98% of my time.

This week (after a full exercise break due to some sinus surgery and poorliness) I got back in the gym, I started exercising at home again, and I have had the horrible realisation that most of my strength and cardiovascular fitness has left me!! Just like everybody else I will have to gain back everything I had worked for before….but its okay…I am getting up to the challenge.

I say “getting” up to the challenge because, to be completely honest, this week has been an effort. Dragging myself out of bed, mumbling through sessions I felt like I had completely lost my mojo. But after every session I do feel better for it. So the mojo is coming back!

Got big plans for this year, moving, starting up my new career and getting my strength and fitness to where I want it. Just need to get my butt in gear and get cracking!

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