Lower body circuit

A little lower body circuit for you.

This one should get your heart rate raised and your lower body muscles working so primed for building up some strength, cardiovascular fitness and leave you feeling satisfied with a good workout. Or you can add it on to the end of your normal session for decent finisher.

The Exercises

12 Goblet Squats

Holding a weight (dumbbell or kettlebell) in your hands and close to your chest with your feet just over shoulder width apart, bend at both the knees and the hips, moving the hips back as if sitting on a chair behind you. Its a simple move but a goodun’ if you are doing it right!

40 secs Dumbbell Swings

Dumbell swings, much like a kettlebell swing. Soft knees and keeping the hinging to the hips, swing the dumbells down either side of the legs while lowering the torso. The using a thrusting motion let the dumbells swing forward. All the power here should be coming from the glutes and the hamstrings, your arms are not doing any work.

10 Donkey Kicks (each side)

Start in a table top position on all fours, take one leg backwards, keeping the bend in the knee and pointing the foot towards the sky. Use the glute muscles to squeeze the knee and lower leg up towards the sky.

40 secs Heel Clip Jumps Squats

Jump yourself into a squat, then as you jump up clip your heels together like there is no place like home, landing back in your squat position.

10 Squat/ Curtsey Lunge combination

Perform a squat, then take one foot backwards and across the line of the other foot like you are about to perform a deeply dramatic curtsey. Instead, bend at both knees performing a luge. The bring the back foot back into your squat positin and repeat on the other side.

40 secs Bench Step Overs

Stand next to a bench or a step, place the closest foot on the bench or step. Step the other foot onto the bench or step and take the first foot down to the other side. If you can get the rhythm you can do this nice a speedily.

3 rounds, 1 minute rest between rounds.

Enjoy Xxx

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