Bodyweight workout

In these funky times it is important to do your best to keep active, even if that means doing what you can in the limited space we have.

We can now go outside and exercise as much as we like, so even if you don’t have a backgarden, this workout could be for you.

The exercises

In out squat jumps OR In out step squats

Two versions of this one if you want to lower any impact in this workout or if you just on’t feel like jumping!

For the jumpy version- perform a squat with your feet a little wider than shoulder width apart, as you come up you are going to jump your feet to a more narrow position and perform a squat here then jump your feet back out and repeat. Keep your core engaged and your spine supported.

For the non-jumpy version- step the right foot out so your feet are about shoulder width apart and perform a squat, then as you come up push on the left foot and step in towards the right foot. Then repeat the other way.

Curtsey Lunges

Step one foot backwards crossing behind the other foot bending both the knees like you are performing a deep curtsey. Keep your weight in between the two feet and your knees in line with your toes!

Bear Crawl Hold (BCH) Shoulder taps

A bear crawl hold is a little bit like a scrunched up plank. First start in a table top position with your hands under your shoulders. Tuck your toes under and lift your knees a little bit off the floor, only about 2 cm! Here you need to engage those core muscles and keep those knees rising! Now once you are in position (if this is hard enough then hold this for the work duration) take one hand and tap the opposite shoulder then repeat alternating hands, the trick here is to try and keep your hips as still as possible because they are gonna wanna wriggle.

Eccentric Pressups

This is to work on the eccentric phase (the down phase) of the press up to try and get the concentric phase (the up phase) stronger. Try to do this in a full press up position. Starting at the top, lower yourself to the bottom of your press up as slowly as you can, once you are there you can get yourself back to the top of your press up position however you need to and repeat as slowly as possible!

Back Extensions

Lie face down and take your hands up to your temples. Here you are going to try and lift your chest as high as you can bending in your back and trying to keep your feet on the floor. Take this one as slowly and as controlled as you can.

Leg extensions

These are a step below proper dead bugs (you can find a whole post on these here). Lie on your back and take your legs up to a table top position (90 degree bend at the hips and knees). From here you need to engage your core and think about squeezing your lower back into the floor (you can place your finger tips under the natural arch in your back and try to squeeze down on them) then extend one of your legs until straight with the foot just off the floor. The return and repeat alternating the legs.

Try performing these exercises for 40 seconds each followed by a 15 seconds rest and complete the circuit 3/4 times depending on your fitness levels.

Enjoy xx

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