Productive Lockdown

This has been a tough year for everyone, some people can cope with change and disorder better than others but this has been a lot for for anyone.

Some people, as you have probably seen on social media, have thrived in quarantine baking, exercising, starting projects and generally winning this pandemic…. on the surface. This probably isn’t the case really, most people have probably suffered the mornings when they don’t see much point in getting up. Or they just can’t get their brain to function enough to read that book, write that story or start that project.

Do not feel any kind of guilt if you don’t feel you have been productive during this time, if you have just about held it together then you have done great.

There is also always time to start something new, and you can start new things anytime (not just Mondays).

Try writing down what it is you want to do, then maybe make a list of little steps you can take that will get you there. If one day you can tick off even one tiny baby step on your list then damn…you have achieved that on top of holding you sh** together…that is extremely productive! Maybe the next day you can tick two baby steps off your list, then you are that much closer to getting what you want to get done- done.

The moral of the story is…don’t be too hard on yourself, these are crazy times…and it is never too late to start something and feel productive xx

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