Bodyweight workout

As we are still unsure of where we stand at the present time, and can never be sure what we will be able to do in the coming weeks I have put together a purely bodyweight workout that you can whack out at home.

It might just be me but as restrictions have loosened (and then tightened) I find myself feeling busier and busier and feel the need to get some kind of routine in my life. Never having professed to being a morning exerciser I am trying really hard to get most of my weeks workouts done first thing in the morning, meaning I can have my evenings to catch up on my own work or life admin or actually just relax (heaven forbid!).

This is exactly the kind of workout I like to whack out in the morning, while I am still yawning and focusing my eyes, no need for any equipment except a matt. This is the kind of workout where you can go for either working to time such as 40 seconds on, 20 seconds off, or you can give yourself 10 reps of each exercise and go for 4/5 rounds!

The exercises

Reverse lunge with hops

Keeping your feet on their own tracks, take one foot backwards bending at both knees into a reverse lunge. As you push the back foot off the floor drive the knee forward and hop off the front/ supporting foot. If you can balance, then take the same foot straight back into the next lunge. Complete all reps on one leg then switch.

Side lunges

Take one foot straight out to the side, bend at the hips and the knee as if trying to sit on a little stool you were not stood in front of. Push off the foot to bring yourself back to centre. Alternate these side lunges but be sure to complete all reps on both legs.

Press ups with shoulder taps

Either performing a full press up or on your knees, once you have performed one rep of the press up the take one hand to touch the opposite shoulder and repeat on the other side. Then repeat the whole sequence.


I know, they are not nice, but you do not need to go like the clappers. Place your hands on the ground, jump (or step) your feet back, jump (or step) your feet back in, then jump up and repeat.

Semi V-sits

Sit on your bum with your knees bent in front of you, lift the legs so you are balanced on your sit bones. Elongate the body so your torso leans back and your legs straighten, then bring it all back in so your knees and your chest get closer together. And repeat.

This can be done either as a timed workout:

40 seconds work, 20 seconds rest – Repeat for 3-4 rounds


Perform 10 reps of each exercise with 30 seconds rest between sets (no rest between exercises) and complete 4 -5 rounds.

Enjoy xx

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