No Equipment Workout

The days are shorter, the air is colder and everyone is bringing out Christmas and comfort food early this year because why the hell not.

I am in no way saying this is a bad thing, I myself spent an entire day eating bread and I have been listening to Christmas songs already while I work and loving it. However, we do not need to completely give up yet this year, we can enjoy these things fully while still fitting in the veg and some exercise time. I’ve found a new love of walking and jumprope!! (More to come on that at some point).

So this is just a little workout to get the pulse raised, the body moving and to make you feel like you have had a decent workout without taking up too much time.

The exercises

Curtsey Lunge and Squat (x10 each side)

Step one foot diagonally backwards, crossing it behind the other foot but further back like a normal lunge. Bend at both knees, then push off the back foot to step back into the starting position.

Walkouts with Press Up (x10)

Start in a standing position, bend at the hips and place the hands on the floor. Walk the hands forward until you are in a full plank position, from here perform a press up (you can lower the knees if you prefer a press up from the knees). Then you can walk the hands back and come up to standing.

Squat Pops (x20)

Start off standing with the feet a little wider than hip width apart. Bend at both the knees and the hips and lower into a squat and go to touch the floor, from here jump up bringing both feet together and jump straight back out into a squat to repeat.

Bear Crawl Hold with Shoulder Taps (x12-20)

Start on the hands and knees in a table top position, tuck the toes under and lift the hips so the knees come about 2cm off the floor (bear crawl hold) take one hand off the floor and tap the opposite shoulder, then repeat alternating the hands. While tapping the shoulders aim to keep the hips as still as possible and resist twisting the torso.

Sit Ups (12-20)

Lying on the floor with the knees bent and feet flat on the floor, engage the abdominal muscles (abs) and sit all the way up, slowly lower the torso back down controlling the motion.

Perform each exercise for the recommended number of repetitions (in the brackets) with as little rest between each exercise as possible.

This can be performed for 3 to 5 rounds depending on your personal level of fitness.

Just remember, its been a crazy year and no matter how much exercise you have done this year- whether this is your first workout or your 1ooth workout of the year, just the fact that you are doing this is a big thing….bloody well done!

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