Beginners Workout

We all know it- 2020 was a crappy year. Some people exercised, others didn’t…regardless of wat you did last year, we can get moving this year and look after ourselves the best we can.

We have also just had the “festive season” (however festive it was for you). Meaning lots of food, drink and lay-ins…which is great and I don’t know about you but I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

So I have put together this workout for the beginners, or those who count themselves advanced but may not have moved for a couple of weeks and need to ease back in.

The exercises

Step out Squats (x12)

What it says on the tin- start with the feet together. Step one foot out to the side then bend at both the hips and the knees as if going to sit on a stool behind you- a squat- as you come up from the squat step the other foot in towards the first foot. The repeat the other way…like a side-step with a big squat in the middle.

Reverse Lunge (x12)

Nice and simple. Feet start hip width apart, step one foot backwards (straight backwards, like both feet are on train tracks) and bend at both knees aiming to keep the torso in the centre. Control the movement both downwards and then upwards pushing off the back foot to bring the feet back together. Then repeat on the other side.

Walkout with a twist (x8)

Start standing, bend at the hips (and knees if you need to, depending on your flexibility) until your hands reach the floor. Walk the hands forward until you are in a full plank position, then take one hand off the floor, twist the torso and reach upwards towards the ceiling. Replace the hand and walk yourself back to standing- then repeat the whole movement taking the other hand off the floor for the twist.

Broken Press Ups (x10)

These are press ups with a small break in the middle. Either in a full press up position or on the knees. Lower yourself to the floor with as much control as you can, when you get to the floor take the hands off the floor briefly. Then replace the hands and complete the press up- as you push up, aim to keep your body as flat as possible by holding that core and not letting the hips stay on the floor.

Glute Bridge (x12)

Lying on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Firstly, tilt the pelvis, as if tucking your bum under. Lift the hips until you are in a straight line from your shoulders to your knees, then lower the hips as if rolling down the spine, keeping the glutes engaged the whole time. If you start feeling this in your quads (front of your upper leg) then try shifting the foot position slightly or think about lifting the toes off the floor as you perform the movement.

Dead bugs (x10)

Start lying on the floor, lift the feet off the floor so there is a 90-degree angle at your hips and knees (see video) and raise your arms so they are pointing towards the ceiling. Brace the core by thinking about flattening the curve in your lower back. Extend one leg so it almost touches the floor, at the same time move the opposite arm over the head towards the floor. The replace both the arm and the leg and repeat on the opposite side. If you are struggling with the core engagement, place your finger-tips (only!) under the natural curve in your lower back and think about squeezing down on your fingers- and keep that squeeze throughout the whole movement.

Try this as a circuit using the recommended reps by each exercise. You can perform this circuit 3 or 4 times depending on your current fitness levels and have yourself a good workout!

Enjoy xx

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