Full Body Circuit

I don’t know about you, but I am definitely over lockdown now.

One of the main things I have tried my best to be consistent with to really keep on top of my mental health in these crazy times and that is my exercise. My lil bit of me time in amongst the crap. But I haven’t been perfect, there have been days where I’ve let other things take priority and it is very noticeable to me, I feel groggy, sometimes even grumpy when I haven’t given my body that time to move.

So if you have let things slip a little- not to worry. This is the perfect workout that will get the whole body moving, get those endorphins released and also give you that feeling of achievement having accomplished that small chunk of time to yourself that is all for you.

The exercises

Squat with pulse (x 12)

A burner! This can be done either as a body weight squat or holding a weight to your chest like a goblet (goblet squat). Standing with the feet just over hip-width apart, bend at both the hips and the knees. Draw the hips back as if going to sit on a little stool behind you while keeping the core engaged (not letting your lower back dip!). Once there you will begin to come back up to standing but then go back down to the bottom of your squat- a pulse if you will (low double contraction if your nerdy or technical) then you can come all the way back up t standing squeezing those glutes all the way up.

Broke Press Ups (x10)

These are great if you aren’t confident or feeling strong enough for repeated full press ups! Start in a full plank position, bend at the shoulders and the elbows to lower yourself to the ground (in a very controlled fashion!) Once lying on the floor lift the hands off the floor slightly to completely break up the movement. Place the hands back on the floor and push yourself up completing the press up- but be careful to hold that plank position strong! Don’t allow your hips to stay behind. Try to focus on breathing in as you lower yourself down and breathing out as you push yourself up…it will help stabilise the core.

Lunge complex (x10 each side)

Adding a little spice to the reverse lunges! So you will start with your feet parallel. Step one foot back to perform a reverse lunge (make sure your knees stay straight in line with your feet) push off the back foot to come back to standing- then take the same foot back for another reverse lunge but this time you will push off the back foot and drive the knee through to a high knee position while performing a hop on the front foot. All of that is one rep on one side. Alternate legs each rep.

Squat to press (x 12)

For this you will need two dumbells or a resistance band. Start with the feet just over hip-width apart and a dumbbell in each hand, held at the shoulders. Bend at the hips and the knees, drawing the hips back as if you are going to sit on a small stool behind you. As you come back up to standing, drive the weights upwards in a shoulder press. Bring the weights down to the shoulders and repeat.

Boxing punches (30 seconds)

You can either stand in a boxer’s stance (dominant side back- for example I am right-handed so I stand left foot forward) or in a wide stance. Punch forward with one hand and then the other. And keep going. As fast as you can!

Try to rest as little as possible between exercises and take a 1-minute rest at the end of each set.

Beginners can perform this circuit 3 times. If you want to challenge yourself then you can perform the circuit 4/5 times.


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